The Recovery
  Back in you room, you will re-join you family members or friends. Your physician will join you and your family to discuss the results of your test and make recommendations for your future treatment.

If no futher treatment is needed, the catheter will be removed and pressure held until your body has formed a seal in the artery and there is no active bleeding, usually 15 minutes.

Bed rest for 2 hours is required to allow the seal to become strong and thereby decrease the chance of bleeding. The site will be dressed with a bandage.

Throughout your recovery period, your nurse will closely monitor your blood pressure, the site where the catheter was removed, and pulses in your lower extremities. Instructions will be provided to ensure that the site does not start to bleed. One hour before you are scheduled to go home, you will sit up at the bedside and be asked to take several short walks. The groin area will be checked repeatedly by your nurse to ensure that no bleeding has occurred.

During the recovery period, your family member or friend is welcome to come stay with you. You will be asked to drink plenty of liquids to flush the contrast out of your system. Snack foods will be offered.

Your nurse will review discharge instructions and answer any questions that you may have. Once the discharge process is complete, you will be allowed to get dressed and go home.If you have any questions, you may call the Center or your cardiologist. For medical emergencies, you should call 911