Cardiac CT Scan

64 Slice Cardiac CT Scan

64 Slice Cardiac Computed Tomography Scan

This marvel of modern medicine images your body's vital organs and tissues. It captures your health from the inside out, revealing build-up in your coronary arteries, nodules in your lungs, and potential tumors in your abdomen and pelvis. This is a true non-invasive angiography, the 'dye' test without a catheter, and can detect the smallest plaque even if there is no calcium.

It is recommended that people between 20 and 40 undergo a physical examination, including some type of cancer and cholesterol screening, every three years. If you're over 40, an exam should be done every year. Factors that necessitate more frequent and in-depth screenings

• Family History
• Tobacco use
• Environmental risks (chemical or radiation exposure)
• Lifestyle (nutrition, diet, and exercise)